Lumicon Infrared Filter

The Lumicon Infrared Filter is used primarily to "bracket" the color-corrected band of refracting telescopes,available in 1.25" and 2".

The Minus Violet and Infrared Blocking Filters can also be used as "visible" filters in RGBV (red-green-blue-visible) astrophotography with reflecting telescopes. The larger Minus Violet filters are for telephoto lenses.

Most digital/CCD cameras have built-in infrared filters, in which case either the Minus Violet or Infrared filter may be used.

The choice would depend on how far into the blue your primary lens is color-corrected.

Lumicon Infrared Filter

The Minus Violet filter blocks wavelengths shorter than about 420nm; the Infrared filter blocks wavelengths shorter than about 400nm.

If your camera does not have a built-in infrared filter, the Infrared Blocking Filter is recommended, which blocks all wavelengths longer than 750nm.

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