Celestron Luminos 10mm eyepiece

The Celestron Luminos 10mm eyepiece incorporates an ultra wide field 1.25" and uses seven optical elements for optimized performance across an incredibly wide and flat 82° field of view (FOV).

It offers a 1mm exit pupil with a Schmidt-Cassegrain, EdgeHD, or Advanced Coma-Free catadioptric telescope, which is the exact exit pupil that is recommended for the sharpest images with people with f/10 telescopes.

It has been designed with minimal field curvature and is ideally suited for use with flat field telescopes such as refractors with field flatteners.

These eyepieces come with some really great high end features including retractable eyecups for eyeglass wearers, parfocal design (no refocusing between other Luminos eyepieces) and a polished hard anodized aluminum barrel for durability and high end appearance.

This new advanced eyepiece is an outstanding accessory for any premium quality telescope and I am confident it is is going to be very popular with many amateur astronomers.

Celestron Luminos 10mm eyepiece

Luminos 10 mm Features