Lunt LS80T Solar Telescope

The Lunt LS80T Solar Telescope PT is a precision aligned ED refractor with a fully unobstructed 80mm optical aperture.

This scope provides a significant step up into the Intermediary category of Daytime Solar Observing, Maintaining the most advanced technology of Doppler True Tuning for fine adjustment of the center wavelength, allowing research of the Sun’s disk and surface details at increased image scale. Prominences, flares, super granulation, filaments, and active regions will be observed.

The LS80THa is fully upgradeable with a number of options which includes the Innovative evolutionary Dual Internal Stack Etalon System (DSII) which does away with the requirement for an external double stack etalon reducing cost and eliminating obstructions.

The system is 100% un-obstructed. The band pass is reduced to <0.5 Angstroms enabling you to observe the Sun's weather in stunning high definition.

Lunt Solar Systems create their line of h-alpha solar telescopes in Tuscon, Arizona where they have have assembled a group of experienced solar enthusiasts who are looking towards energizing the pastime with an ongoing commitment to advancing technologies, pride in quality, as well as the highest level of customer care.

Lunt LS80T Solar Telescope


  • New tuner technology. Featuring a true Doppler, pressure tuning system with 408 image scale.
  • Given to less thermal disturbances and de-contacting.
  • Stylized pearl white paint with black anodized trim.
  • Integrated Clamshell mount with 1/4-20 tapped base, 10:1 fine Crayford focuser, Televue Sol Searcher, Lunt 6" Dovetail, Lunt Zoom Eyepiece and aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam included

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