Meade 4000 Filters

Meade 4000 filters are large 26mm in clear aperture and are manufactured from the purest crown optical glass, dyed-in-the-mass (not “color coated”); there are no finer filters available for telescopic applications.

These filters have been manufactured from the finest optical glass available, each filter has its colour spectrum dyed into the glass as opposed to low quality color coatings.

All filters are anti-reflection coated on both sides of the glass for the highest performance and are suitable for all Meade Series 4000 and Series 5000 eyepiece.

They are mounted in a machined aluminum cell with the Wratten No. of the filter marked on the side of the cell.

Filters may be piggybacked, or stacked, to achieve selective filtration of the visual color spectrum.

For visual applications Series 4000 filters thread into the barrels of all Meade 1.25" eyepieces, and into the barrels of virtually all other 1.25" eyepiece brands as well.

Meade 4000 Filters

The eyepiece-with-filter can be placed in the eyepiece-holder of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope or Meade ED Apochromatic Refractor for Tele-Extender eyepiece-projection photography of the Moon and planets.

The filters also thread into the barrels of the Meade Camera Adapter (1.25") and Variable-Projection Camera Adapter.

Each Series 4000 filter is packed in a foam-fitted plastic case for secure long-term storage.

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