Meade 90 Az-Adr 90mm A-Series

by Dennis

Because of the low price of this Meade scope, I really wasn't expecting too much. However I was pleased with how well it does the job. Putting it together was a no-brainer, and only took about fifteen minutes.

The scope is mostly metal, and well made for one in this price bracket. The alt-azimuth mount is average but satisfactory. The tri-pod is quite basic, light-weight aluminum, with an accessory tray.

On a good night, it's steady enough to use the 9mm 100x eyepiece without any shake, but it can be a little shaky when focusing at high magnification.

The red-dot viewfinder works well once it's colliminated. The performance of the scope is excellent for a 90mm scope.

My first observation was of the the moon with the 25mm, 36x eyepiece, this was great, the image was very clear.

I then switched to the 9mm eyepiece. Saturn and its rings looked awesome. It was bright and clear. I was able to track it fairly easily. Overall I'm very happy with this scope.

I have no hesitation in recommending this scope for a beginner or intermediate astronomer, who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a scope.

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