Meade 9x63 Astronomy Binoculars

by Sean Murphy

Binoculars are a great way to view celestial objects and generally cost far less than telescopes. Although not able to produce views seen through a good quality scope they are great for beginners and and amateur astronomers who are constantly on the move or who want a quick way to find their way around the night sky.

These Meade 9x63's are the third pair of binoculars I have owned over the past ten years or so and find that the magnification is low enough that holding them in your hands doesn't produce too much shake, but is still high enough to see those celestial objects that would otherwise remain unseen.

The view through the eyepiece is pleasant enough, and our Moon and the moons of Jupiter look really good.

At 44oz,they are a little on the heavy side if held for any length of time and the body of the lenses are quite bulky and close together, so it is a bit akward trying to screw in a tripod adapter. On quality and perfomance I rate them a good buy!

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