Meade StarLock Module

The Meade StarLock module is right at the heart of the LX800. This is ground-breaking technology that makes target acquisition and ultra-precise guiding corrections a piece of cake. StarLock is an integrated 2 camera sensor array that delivers 4 main functions.

Automatic Guide Star Selection and Auto-Guiding

Whenever the telescope is slewed to a target, StarLock automatically identifies a suitable guide star as faint as 11th magnitude and locks on. It will then provide guide corrections until you slew to a different target or turn it off.

And, in contrast to regular autoguiders that issue guide corrections in the form of speed and time, the StarLock speaks directly with the motor controllers providing specific commands. The end result is more precise and faster guide corrections.

Ultra-Precision Pointing

StarLock uses its 2 cameras to refine pointing to an amazing accuracy of one arc-minute, which guarantees the object you select will end up on your imaging sensor, essential for those faint objects you cannot see visually to confirm position.

Drift Alignment Assist

Once aligned, StarLock uses its 2 cameras to automatically select and GOTO 2 candidate stars then uses its 80mm f/5 guiding optic to snap a 30 second exposure.

The telescope then calculates the distance the mount must be adjusted to be precisely aligned to the celestial pole, and then moves the optical tube the calculated distance allowing you to re-center the candidate star utilizing the altitude and azimuth controls on the mount head. This significantly speeds up the drift alignment process.

Lightswitch Alignment

Taking the best from Meade's award-winning Lightswitch range of telescopes, the LX800 and StarLock can select and automatically center alignment stars using its 2 cameras, therefore taking the guesswork out of alignment.

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