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Meade Telescopes are amongst the most popular range of amateur telescopes in the UK.Today Meade Instruments are frequently accepted as arguably the most imaginative and dynamic company manufacturing telescopes to be found anywhere.

They are recognised for their cutting edge advance in telescopic design, having developed a multitude of enhancements in recent times that have made amateur astronomy much easier to access and a lot more satisfying than ever before.

Their range of binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, CCD cameras and telescope accessories are distributed all over the world to hobbyists, astronomers and professional astronomers alike.

The sheer variety of Meade telescopes almost certainly give it the highest profile in the world, as well as a strong track record of high quality, top specification optical equipment.

In The mid nineties they released the Meade ETX, unquestionably the most extensively sold collection of entry level telescopes ever produced, and with it they confirmed their position as one of the industry leaders.

Their telescopes fit in one of 6 groups, starting with the all-pervasive ETX for anyone taking their very first step in astronomy, and ending with the amazing power of the observatory level LX and RX series.

It is evident that Meade telescopes and accessories make it possible for amateur astronomers to explore the art of astrophotography to an extremely high standard as well as delivering aberration free observation

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