Miller Planisphere

An extremely popular star chart is the Miller Planisphere,which puts the stars and constellations within everyone's reach. This is an easy to use interactive guide to the stars and is with you twenty fours hours a day, 365 days a year.

Miller Planispheres are regarded by many amateur astronomers as the premiere star finder. They are made from durable plastic disks and come complete with accurate cartography with instructions right on the back for easy access.

This planisphere has a slightly different design from several others that are on the market, whereas all the hours of the day are shown all around the edge and the visible area is shown within it. Although this is a minor difference many amateur astronomers prefer it.

A planisphere is an essential tool for locating objects in the night sky quickly and efficiently. Just dial in the date of the year and the time of day to show you the constellations in the sky at that precise moment in time.

The planisphere shows the time of day on the outer edge and is divided into months and days allowing you to identify which constellations are coming into view.

You can jot down where constellations will be in the sky in advance, saving you time and enabling you to get the maximum time for observation.

It's best to choose a clear dark night well away from lights, to help you identify the stars and planets and discover constellations. With the help of the planisphere you are on your way to a great learning experience unlike any other.

By making a note of the stars and constellations you find you will be well on you way to picking out many more celestial objects.

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