Mitch Maidique Campus

by Alan
(Miami, Florida)

Friday January 21, 8 pm.

SCAS Astros begin the New Year with SCAS Assistant Professor DR. KEVIN HUFFENBERGER describing GALAXY CLUSTERS in CP-145.

FIU Physics Building, Main campus.

Galaxy clusters are the largest gravitationally-bound structures that typically contain 100-1000 galaxies and large amounts of hot gas, dominated by invisible dark matter.

He will reveal new nearby clusters and illustrate how these clusters are studied using X-rays, visible light to microwaves across the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Also he will give us a glimpse into the latest results from the NASA-ESA Planck Satellite which locates the most massive clusters in the distant Universe.

His research at University of Miami Dept. of Physics relates to Cosmic Microwave Background. The exciting free SCAS program includes prizes, discussions, and a food buffet.

CP-145, FIU Physics Building. Mitch Maidique campus.

Park in the garages SW 109 Ave./SW 8 St. and follow the path (around heavy construction equipment) up to the Chem-Physics Bldg. and SCAS sign to CP-145 lecture hall.

Call: 305-661-1375 for SCAS/NASA updates.

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