Morehead Planetarium

The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is one of the largest planetariums in the United States.It is located on the north end of the campus of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Morehead Center Building and grounds, complete with a 68-foot, domed Star Theater and Zeiss Model VI Star Projector, scientific exhibits and classrooms, 24-inch Cassegrain reflecting telescope and observation decks, Visitors' Center, art galleries, rose gardens and the massive sundial were built for students of all ages with all interests.

The Morehead Center is located near several other attractions in Chapel Hill.

Many of the planetarium's shows are completely original, written and produced on location at the Morehead Center.

Non-credit classes for adults and children, special courses for teachers, summer camps for children, memberships for students, individuals, families and corporations, public viewings of astronomical events and public lectures keep the community involved in the center's activities.

The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center Building was a gift of John Motley Morehead III (1870-1965), class of 1891, whose mission of educating the community lives on.

Since 1949, the Star Theater has been a giant classroom for students, teachers, school groups, senior citizens, youth groups and the general public. As the United States space program began, the Morehead provided training for U.S. astronauts fromthe Mercury program to the Apollo-Soyuz program.

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