Nikon Action 7x50

by Mark Tomlinson

I purchased a pair of Nikon 7x50 binoculars about a year ago simply because they appeared to be the best price for what was being offered. These 7x50s have made it easier for me to observe craters on the moon, open clusters and even Jupiter's moons.

They give clear bright images and have comfortable eye cups which can be taken off in the event you wear eyeglasses.

I wear glasses myself, but my astigmatism is mild, and I am able to adjust the diopter on these binoculars which allows me to use them without glasses.

My only minor complaint is that the lens caps aren't permanently attached to the strap. Instead, they hook on to the strap after you remove them from the lenses. The eyecup caps don't have this issue, since the strap goes through a loop, and they are attached permanently.

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