Nikon Action 7x50

by Terry Marsh

I purchased the Nikon Action 7x50 Binocular principally for stargazing, and have only made use of them a couple of times when the sky was clear. I did attempt to use them when I first received them even though it was a cloudy night.

I was pleasantly suprised by the sheer number of stars that were visible through the clouds as I couldn't see anything at all with the naked eye. The following night the sky was really clear and the views were stunning.

The 7x magnification is on the lower end of the scale, so a beginner may be inclined to consider using a higher power to get a close-up view.

I very nearly purchased a 10x magnifification, however I am thankful that I didn't,as I personally find it challenging to hold an image still, and the higher the magnification the more difficult it becomes. For me the 7x magnification is just perfect.

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