Observatory Dehumidifier

Which Observatory Dehumidifier?

An observatory is a great asset for any astronomer who has a backyard large enough to house one. However,condensation, dampness and mould can be a problem in this wet and watery world of ours. This is not exactly ideal for telescopes and electronics equipment.

A dehumidifier is a popular solution, but very often small cheap models leave a lot to be desired as they can in certain conditions freeze up due to their construction.

Eva-Dry EDV-2200 Dehumidifier

This Eva-Dry Dehumidifier is very compact and works on 12V DC 6 amp service. This thermo-electric Peltier model keeps moisture out of an up to 2200 cubic foot area and remove up to 8 ounces of moisture per day in 80% relative humidity conditions. The Tank has a two liter capacity complete with full detector . It is ideal for observatories and telescope storage closets.


  • Collects up to 20.5 ounces of moisture in 80% RH a day.
  • Two liter capacity complete with full detector system.
  • Inexpensive method to keep your valuable equipment safe from excess moisture, mildew and mold.
  • Covers up to a 2200 cubic foot area.
  • Compact and efficient

For our fellow UK members the following unit is available.

ELA DD822 Dehumidifier

The ELA DD822 Dehumidifier with its desiccant technology uses an extraction method independent of temperature, and being simplier in design is more reliable.

It has automatic humidistat control,automatic restart in case of power failure and a continuous drainage option.

A compact stylish design with simple to understand controls, ultra quiet operation with 3 fan speeds, adjustable angle louvre and auto restart after power interruption. All these are built into the ELA DD822 as standard

The desiccant technology also means constant extraction efficiency that is independant of temperature so the ELA DD822 dehumidifier can be used to keep small observatories, boats, caravans, motor homes and small garages dry thoughout the winter even in the lowest temperatures.

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