Orion Pro

There are several models in the Orion Pro range, the SkyView Pro 120mm EQ refractor telescope being the biggest in the range but without the large price tag you might expect.

It's the ideal refractor scope for digital imaging. Just add an Orion StarShoot Solar System imaging camera and you are ready to shoot amazingly detailed images of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and lunar landscapes.

With 120mm of clear aperture and 1000mm focal length, the Orion SkyView Pro 120mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope has the magnifying ability to split 2-arcsecond double stars and reveal subtle lunar and planetary features.

With less chromatic aberration than short-focal-length achromatic refractors, the SkyView Pro 120mm provides pleasing star images with a minimum of color fringing.

The telescope features a multi-coated 120mm (4.7") achromatic objective lens in an adjustable cell. The 2" aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser (with 1.25" adapter) allows use of optional 2" telescope eyepieces.

The tube rides on the sturdy SkyView Pro equatorial telescope mount, which has a stainless steel tripod for superior rigidity. Standard accessories include an 8x40 finder scope, star diagonal, and two Sirius Plossl telescope eyepieces.

The Orion SkyView Pro 120mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope can be upgraded at any time to GoTo computerized object location. You can also add the IntelliScope Upgrade Kit for computer-assisted manual object-location.

This standard configuration is compatible with optional TrueTrack electronic drives, allowing objects to be tracked after they are located.

A compehensive setup that includes two eyepieces, finder scope, focuser, diagonal, and FREE Starry Night astronomy software

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