Orion StarBlast

The Orion StarBlast 4.5 reflector telescope is incredibly portable and simple to use.

Perhaps it's because most of us began with those irritating little department store refractors, but Orion strive to provide a range of high quality telescopes for novices that are user-friendly and uncomplicated, which will strongly encourage their natural desire to explore.

This scope is one such telescope.It maybe small in stature,but it's a real reflecting telescope that's super-simple to use and yet manufactured with the kind of quality you'd expect in more expensive models.

This scope is a point-and-view telescope that rotates smoothly on its sturdy, low-profile base. No complex setup is necessary.

In actual fact, it arrives pre-assembled and ready for action right out of the box! Simply carry it out in the open by its built-in handle, place it on the ground and let the fun commence.

Inside the StarBlast's 18"-long steel tube are quality telescope optics, including a 114mm (4.5") parabolic mirror.

Orion Starblast

With the two Explorer II telescope eyepieces, skywatchers will see magnificent views of the Moon's craters, planets, star clusters, and plenty of other amazing space stuff.

And.. aiming it could not be easier, it is amazingly straightforward with the EZ Finder II "red dot" finder scope. The bundle also includes an eyepiece rack and snap-on dust cap.

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Orion StarBlast 6 This is a superb telescope for the entire family. The light and portable design enable you to set this up just about anywhere you want to, and it packs away effortlessly for storage or transport

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