Orion VX20 Telescope

The Orion VX20 Telescope is a customised instrument constructed from a semi truss design and modular optical housing. This is a full observatory model and could not be considered portable.

Various configurations are available to meet your requirements however, the basic f4 system is the core of all variations.

Each standard tube assembly includes 1/6PV HiLux Optics, Fan Assisted Cooling on Optics,9 Point Primary Mirror Cell,Tube Trims,OC1 Focuser,Quality Spider,50mm Finder Scope,Black Tube Cradles, One Eyepiece 25mm, only supplied with inclusion of mount system

Orion VX20 Telescope

An excellent advantage with the VX scope is the variety of Mount Systems which are available from Orion's straightforward but stable Dobsonian Mount to the Industry leading Paramount ME Robotic System.


  • Tube weight - from: 40kg
  • Tube length 1200mm
  • Tube diameter Tapered Open Truss
  • Focal length 2000mm
  • Focal ratio f4
  • Primary mirror size 500mm
  • *Secondary mirror size 100mm or Larger

For specific details on this model you will need to contact their technical desk: john@orionoptics.co.uk

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