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About Our Night Sky

For tens of thousands of years our universe has been a source of fascination and enjoyment for peoples of all nations. Ancient civilizations incorporated mythical figures into the night sky as part of their religion or belief system and later went on to write many entertaining stories about them.

As time passed by many people began to use the stars, moon and sun for navigation and time keeping, and maintaining precise records which went on to pave the way for the amazing discoveries of our universe in recent years.

Amateur observers today still stand in awe at the incredible sights of our night sky, and continue to marvel at new and exciting discoveries that are being made.

In fact it is only in the past decade that scientists have discovered that 95% of our universe is not visible to current methods of detection.

Although it is great to have a telescope or a pair of binoculars it is surprising just how much can be seen on a clear night with the naked eye.

Of course a telescope will allow you see to see more distant objects such as the four moons of Jupiter or the Milky Way and significant detail of the Moon's surface..

There is a wealth of interesting information available online, in astronomy books, magazines and on DVD to assist the newcomer as well as the seasoned astronomer. You can learn all about our solar system, planets, stars and constellations.

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