Paramount ME Mount

The Paramount ME Mount Robotic Telescope System features a German equatorial mount with research-grade 11-inch right ascension gears that provide unsurpassed tracking performance.

Astronomers using Paramount ME mounts worldwide can testify to their incredible performance.

With a load capacity of up to 68 kg (150 lbs) of equipment it is designed for prolonged operation, and is suitable as a remote or Web based Astronomy solution.

Using advanced CNC construction, it is very portable for such a large mount weighing in at 29.5 kg (68 lbs).

The system includes the Bisque Observatory Software Suite (TheSky6 Professional Edition, CCDSoft, TPoint with ProTrack, Orchestrate, and Internet Astronomy Software Client and Server applications) as well as the Bisque TCS dual-axis DC servomotor control system with USB and serial interface, and AutoHome start-up.

Paramount ME Mount

Built for the digital age and featuring integrated telescope and CCD camera control, unattended start-up and automated operation, 7 arcseconds or less peak-to-peak periodic error before correction, and precision guided or unguided tracking (using TPoint and ProTrack).

It's no coincidence that Paramount ME has quickly become the mount of choice for the world's top amateur imagers, as well as many schools and research institutions.

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