Plossl Eyepiece

The Plossl eyepiece is probably the most popular design used by amateur astronomers today, and covers a wide range of telescope eyepieces that have at least 4 optical elements, which usually consists of two sets of doublets (a doublet lens is a convex and concave element sandwiched together).

Due to the fact two doublets can be identical this design is often referred to as a symmetrical eyepiece.

The compound Plossl lens provides a large apparent field of view along with relatively large FOV. This makes this lens well suited for an assortment of observational purposes such as deep sky and planetary viewing.

The primary downside of the Plossl optical design is short eye relief, which is limited to about 70-80% of focal length. The short eye relief is a lot more critical in short focal lengths, when viewing can become less than enjoyable.

This Plossl is one of the more expensive to manufacture because of the quality of glass, and the need for well matched convex and concave lenses to prevent internal reflections.

Because of this, the quality of different makes of eyepieces can make a difference to the end price. There are noticable differences between cheaper ones with simple anti-reflection coatings and ones that have been welll made.

Many telescope manufactures produce their own eyepieces and it is worth looking around to get the one that matches up to your expectations.

Amateur astronomers will all have their own idea on which one is best, so it's best to read up on several reviews before you make your final choice.

Skywatcher Super Plossl
Stray light is eliminated by the fold back rubber eyecups standard with every SP eyepiece and all but the lightest three models feature the security of ruber grips.

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Meade Plossl 9mm

Meade Plossl 9mm

Skywatcher Plossl Lens

Skywatcher Plossl Lens