Pulsar DIY Observatory

I recently came across a new diy home build kit made by Pulsar, a UK based company. They manufacture several different observatories but the one that caught my eye was their diy home build kit.

This is only available in the UK and some European countries at the moment.

This is an aperture style, rotating dome observatory which offers you significant advantages over a run off roof shed observatory.

It provides you and your telescope equipment full protection from high winds and those annoying stray lights.

For someone on a tight budget this looks as though it could be an excellent choice.

Pulsar DIY Observatory

Pulsar Observatories are guaranteed weatherproof. They need no sealing tapes around joints and definitely no need for a rain cover.

Pulsar Dome Glass Fibre Observatories

Also available are 2.2m and 2.7m observatories which come in the finest quality GRP finish and are designed to make your diy installations much easier.

With easy to align panels and fewer bolts and fixings it makes the building process far quicker and easier for the customer who prefers to do a self assembly.

The door is pre-hung in it's respective panel, with the locks fully installed for you. Also, with a comprehensive downloadable instruction guide, and a full technical support contact number, things could not be simpler.

For installation to a new or existing flat roof building there is an 2.2m Observatory dome and track only.

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