QSI 640 Cooled Digital Camera

The QSI 640 Cooled Digital Camera from Quantum Scientific Imaging, Inc. incorporates a 4.2 megapixel (2048x2048) monochrome interline transfer CCD with electronic shutter and microlens for high sensitivity.

Cooling on the 604 is achieved with a custom 2-stage TEC supporting regulated cooling to greater than 45C, or greater than 50C with the option Liquid Heat Exchanger.

The QSI 600 Series has seven different models employing a comprehensive range of monochrome and single-shot color scientific grade CCDs up to 8.3mp.

A wide range of options and accessories are offered to satisfy your particular medical, astronomical or industrial imaging objectives.

The excellent imaging performance of all 600 Series cameras is wrapped in a stylish, compact design with outstanding power efficiency and investment protecting upgradeability.

The refined engineering and impressive fit, finish and attention to fine detail will exceed your greatest expectations.

QSI 640 Cooled Digital Camera


  • 4.2mp Kodak KAI-04022 sensor
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output
  • Dual read rates of 800kHz and 8MHz
  • Electronic shutter speeds to 100 microseconds
  • Air cooling to 45C below ambient
  • Available 5 or 8-position color filter wheel (CFW)
  • Available Integrated Guider Port (IGP)


640i Electronic Shutter Slim Body

640ws Mechanical Shutter 5-position CFW

640ws-8 Mechanical Shutter 8-position CFW

640s Mechanical Shutter Mid-size Body

640wsg Shutter & Guider Port (IGP) 5-position CFW

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