Setting Up a Small Observatory

Setting Up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction

(Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

This is the book to tell the intermediate-level amateur astronomer what he needs to know about observatories.

It draws on the author’s practical experience and that of many other experienced amateur astronomers.

Setting Up a Small Observatory

It is an ideal complement to Patrick Moore’s More Small Astronomical Observatories which is a compendium of ideas for different observatory designs.

Setting-up a Small Observatory covers the details of design, siting and construction once a basic type has been decided upon.

It is written in a way that is equally applicable to the USA and UK (where there are slightly different building regulations) and deals with matters that are basic to building and commissioning any amateur observatory.

Uniquely, David Arditti also considers the aesthetics of amateur observatories - fitting them in with family and neighbors, and maybe disguising them as more common garden buildings if necessary.

Every amateur astronomer who wants a purpose-built observatory (and that is most of them!) will find this book absolutely invaluable both during the planning and the construction stages.

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