Shinmoedake Volcano Erupts Again

by Brian Spelding

There have been several volcanoes which have erupted since the beginning of 2011.

Amongst those that have been spewing ash are, Merapi Volcano Indonesia, Kizimen Volcano Kamchatka, Krakatau Volcano Indonesia,Mt Etna Volcano Italy, Bromo Volcano, Indonesia and Kirishima Volcano Japan.

The latest is the Shinmoedake volcano in southern Japan which continues to erupt, with its biggest explosion yet, shooting out a huge plume of gas, boulders and ash and breaking windows up to eight kilometers away.

There have been four explosive eruptions of the volcano since volcanic activity started intensifying on Jan. 26.

The latest eruption produced a comparatively large amount of smoke, and a large amount of volcanic ash was expected to fall on the city of Miyakonojo.

Is this normal in just one month, or could this be tied in some way to the magnetic shift that according to some is already under way.


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