Sky View Deluxe 90mm Refractor

by Efrem Alexander

I purchased this scope about 10yrs ago because I wanted a real telescope.My first scope was a Tasco 60mm refractor that I bought on a whim while shopping in Foleys.

At the time I didn't know much about telescopes other than they're used to look at the planets.One day I went by precision camera to look for a better eyepiece for the tasco I had.

The guy behind the counter looked at me and smiled and asked,was this my first telescope.He said ,let me show you something.

He gave me an Orion catalog to take home and said,after I looked through this,I would realize that what I had was a toy.

He was right.About 2weeks later my boss bought a Meade 5"etx series scope,and let me borrow it while he was out of town. What I saw with that scope changed my perspective on telescopes for-ever.

So I looked through the Orion catalog carefully paying close atttention to aperture and magnification information that was provided so I could make an informed decision on a good telescope purchase.

The sky view 90mm refractor caught my eye because of it's look alone,the black and gold color scheme was unique and gave it serious look,but classy.

And I figured anything out of this catalog would out perform the tasco I had.And it has.The planets look spectacular and the moon detail always brings a gasp from people who have never seen it through a telescope.

I've yet to utilize this scopes potential,in the 10+years I've had it. I have never seen M13,M17,M11 or any other of the beautiful night sky jewels that are in this scopes reach.

I have seen the Orion nebula and it was wonderful.I don't work nights anymore so hopefully I'll be able to get to a star party soon , and see what I have been missing.

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