SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars

The SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars by Celestron offer extraordinary value for high end performance binoculars and are the perfect choice for astronomical viewing or even for terrestrial use, particularly over long distances.

Each Celestron SkyMaster model features high quality BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics for enhanced contrast.

Celestron has designed and engineered the larger SkyMaster models to meet the special demands of extended astronomical or terrestrial viewing sessions.

The 15x70 version is one of the most in-demand models in the series.

These binoculars offer a seriously large aperture and light gathering capability in an affordable and reasonably lightweight configuration.

There are many binoculars that feature a built in tripod adapter fitting. On these binoculars there is a threaded screw hole underneath. So to attach a binocular tripod adapter, you simply remove the cap and thread the screw from the binocular tripod adapter into the threaded screw hole.

Mounting your binoculars in this way makes for added stability particlularly when viewing at high magnification.

Because of their high magnification, the slightest shake can move an astronomical object out of the field of view, so the addition of a secure tripod is most welcome.

Celestron Skymaster 15x70

Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars General Features:

  • 15x magnification porro prism binocular
  • Large 70 mm objective lens offers maximum image brightness in low-light and long-range conditions
  • Ultra sharp focus across the field of view
  • Multi-Coated optics for sharp, clear views
  • Suitable for terrestrial or astronomical viewing
  • Protective rubber covering for ultra-firm grip
  • Large center focus knob for easy focusing
  • Tripod adapter included
  • Long eye relief ideal for eyeglass wearers
  • Carrying case included for travel and safe storage
  • No Fault Warranty provides best protection and product support on the market

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