Skymax 90

Skywatcher 90 Maksutov Telescope

The Skymax 90 Maksutov Cassegrain is probably the ultimate take anywhere telescope and is also a good choice if your working space is restricted.

Despite it's modest dimensions it still packs a powerful punch. With high-resolution, diffraction limited optical systems are multi-coated to maximize contrast and image sharpness.

This Sky-Watcher Maksutov is also available in apertures of 102mm and 127mm and available either complete with equatorial mounts and tripods, or as tube assemblies only, which can be mounted onto a standard photographic tripod if required.

Skymax 90

Regardless of whether your requirement is for terrestrial or astronomical use, these compact telescopes are the ultimate companion and ideal for the first time buyer.

Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes have a corrector plate to remove spherical aberration.Light enters through the concave side of the corrector plate and the primary mirror reflects it back up the tube to the secondary which is often a mirrored spot on the convex side of the corrector plate.

The light rays are reflected through a hole in the primary to reach the eyepiece. Most commercial Maksutov telescopes available have very much the same optical designs.

The prime advantage of this type of design is that, because the light path is folded back on itself, it provides an extremely portable telescope with a short physical length and long focal length.

Here are the specs for the 90mm version..

  • Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrains
  • Diameter 90mm
  • Focal Length 1250mm
  • Scondary Mirror Diameter
  • F/ratio F/14
  • Highest Practical Power 180x
  • Faintest Steller Magnitude 12.5
  • Resoving Power 1.3
  • Finderscope Red Dot Finder*
  • Focuser diameter 1.25”
  • Diagonal 90 degree
  • Eyepiece(s) 1.25” Super 20 and 10*
  • Mount Type Equatorial
  • Slow-motion Control RA & DEC
  • Counterweight(s) 2.1 Kgs
  • Piggyback Bracket Yes
  • Accessory Tray Wall-to-wall
  • Ground Board Diameter n/a
  • Ground Board Weight(s) n/a
  • Motor Drive Single Axis (Optional)*
  • Go-to n/a
  • Tube Weight 1.37Kgs
  • Tube Dimension(dia. x length) 10cm x 24cm
  • Tripod Height 67-119cm
  • Shipping Weight 14Kgs
  • Shipping Carton Dimensions 85.5 x 40 x 28.5 cm3

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