SkyWatcher EQ2 Equatorial Mount

This quality SkyWatcher EQ2 equatorial mount is built with larger mount head for greater stability and tracking precision.

The convenient dual setting circles allow observers to locate the objects by setting the R.A. and Dec. coordinates.

The heavier EQ2 mount rests firmly on an adjustable-height aluminum tripod with large wall-to-wall accessory tray and central stabilizer.

As the Skywatcher EQ1 mount, the EQ2 can be fitted with single axis motor drive for hand-free tracking.

To eliminate stresses on the EQ mounts and to ensure smooth judder free motion of the telescope the instrument needs to be balanced about both the declination and polar axis, this is easy do do and is included in the instruction manual.

SkyWatcher EQ2 equatorial mount

This model is recommend for deep sky observing.


  • Mount Type German equatorial
  • Slow-motion Control
  • Counterweight(s) 2.08kg
  • Piggyback Bracket
  • Accessory Tray Large wall-to-wall
  • Tube Dimension(dia. x length)
  • Tripod Height 76-119cm
  • Tripod Weight 12.5kg

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