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The Solarscope company is based in the Isle-of-Man and is a manufacturer of hydrogen-alpha filter systems for observing the Sun. By using a solarscope filter you will discover the true vibrant majesty of our nearest star is revealed in its full majesty.

From complex looping magnetic fields to dark filaments and arching prominences, a Solarscope hydrogen-alpha filter will bring your view of the Sun to life.

The Solarview (SV) range offers you a choice of all in one, dedicated solar telescopes. All you need is a mount to hold your telescope steady. Besides providing a truly impressive performance, these are excellent grab and go scopes. You will never have to lose track of the Sun again with a Solarview scope.

Solarview Telescopes

The take anywhere SV-50 has 50mm of unobstructed aperture which delivers a high contrast image full of intricate detail. Its larger brother, the SV-60, is still extremely portable and providess an extra 10mm of aperture in a slightly longer package.

Although 10mm may not sound much, it means that the SV-60 has 40% more area than the SV-50 and delivers images which show even finer detail.

Both instruments have a focal ratio of f/8 giving the SV-50 a focal length of 400mm and 480mm for the SV-60. Basically, if you used the same eyepiece with both scopes, the SV-60 would give you a 20% higher magnification.

The additional tube length required for the SV-60 to achieve f/8 is provided by an extension piece which assembles onto the main tube body. This quick and easy to assemble extension, allows the SV-60 to be carried around in the same size carry case as the SV-50 while retaining its greater image scale.

The etalons used in both scopes have a bandpass of 0.7 Angstroms which makes them ideal for viewing both surface and prominence detail. All optical coatings are ultra-hard which means that they won't degrade over time like softer coatings can.

Solarview Telescopes

A thumbwheel tilt mechanism is provided to allow you to adjust the tuning of the etalon slightly. This may come in useful to study material which has been ejected from the Sun's surface at such a speed that the light it emits has been shifted slightly away from the main h-alpha wavelength.

Solarscope Solar Filter Systems

Solarscope Solar Filter (SF) systems allow you to convert your existing night time telescope into a powerful solar instrument. When you want to go back to viewing the stars, simply remove the filter system, replace it in its foam lined box and carry on using your telescope as normal.

Solarscope currently offer four different sizes of etalon; 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and the top of the range 100mm.

Further Information can be obtained from:
Solarscope Ltd
Technical Optics
Second Avenue
Isle of Man

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