Star Walk 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

About The Star Walk 5 Stars Astronomy Guide App

Star Walk enables you to point your iPhone at the sky and see what stars, constellations, and satellites you are looking at in realtime.

Please note, you will need a 3GS/4/4th gen iPod Touch for motion tracking, otherwise this app will be just a beautiful infopacked timesensitive interactive star atlas that allows you to set your location manually to give you the most accurate picture.

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Main Features:

  • Star Spotter real time motion tracking tells you what stars are above you in the sky
  • Satellites Tracking never miss ISS flying over your head again
  • Time Machine see what the sky looks like at any moment in the past or future
  • Picture of the Day stunning pictures from deep space
  • Night Mode preserve your dark vision to see more stars
  • Search wondering where Jupiter is right now? Arrow will guide you to it
  • Big Screen connect a second display to view the sky on a big screen.

Star Walk is arguably the best looking of the astronomy guides available for the iPhone and iPod touch and the best stargazing iPhone application I have ever come across.

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