Starlight Xpress SXVF-H9 CCD Camera

The Starlight Xpress SXVF-H9 is an advanced, very high-resolution cooled CCD camera, especially designed for astronomical imaging.

It is a second generation version of the very popular HX916 and incorporates many substantial improvements and extra features.

These include a built-in, fully programmable, USB 2 super-fast computer interface (USB 1.1 compatible), an optional add-on autoguider output and integrated dual serial ports for filter wheel and telescope control.

The SXVF-H9 uses a Sony ICX285 ‘ExView’ progressive scan CCD, with 1392 x 1040 x 6.45uM pixels in a 8.98 x 6.71mm active area. ExView devices have excellent quantum efficiency, with a broad spectral response peaking at around 65% in the green, and an extremely low dark current, well below that of any comparable CCD currently available.

Starlight Xpress SXVF-H9

While this device has an excellent blue light sensitivity, it also has a strong infra-red response, which makes it ideal for all aspects of both planetary and deep-sky imaging, especially with an H-alpha filter.

The SXVF-H9 is also the first high-performance astronomical camera to take advantage of a super high-speed USB 2 computer connection.

The USB 2 connection offers a download speed increase of about 30x that of the original USB 1.1 interface supplied with the HX916. The full-frame download time is approximately 0.6 seconds and binned 4x4 downloads take only 0.1 seconds, so finding and centring are very quick and easy in this mod

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