Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Software

Starry Night complete space and astronomy software is ideal for anyone who is new to astronomy or searching for the ideal gift for someone fascinated by the stars, this brand-new edition of has all you need to begin your adventure.

With straightforward, easy to understand details and amazing visuals of all types of night sky phenomena, it is an excellent way to share the wonders of the universe with your entire family. Satisfy your own curiosity about the universe without having to do more than just point, click and explore.

Discover what it is like to be an astronaut in spaceship mode where you can travel to the edges of the known universe. Find out what the universe looked like many thousands of years in the past or what it will look like thousands of years from now.

As new discoveries are made, the new objects will automatically update into the software, so you'll never be "lost in space" with these stellar planetarium-in-a-box that gets you up and viewing in just a few minutes.

Over 15 new features for Starry Night Complete Space and Astronomy version 6.3 include: new planets and their moons, 5 additional photorealistic horizon panoramas, animated trips between planets now include visually appealing planet avoidance, saturn's rings and ring shadows more precise than ever, moons can now be added to dwarf planets, add or edit planet surface images or 3DS model assignments, and much more.

Technical Details

  • Ideal software set for those new to the hobby of astronomy, or those looking for a great gift for anyone interested in the night sky
  • Starry Night is a great way to view the wonders of the universe from your computer
  • Spaceship Mode allows you to use a joystick to "travel beyond" the Milky Way
  • Version 6.3 includes 15+ new features
  • Sophisticated desktop planetarium software with 50 guided tours

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