Stellarvue SV105

The Stellarvue SV105 was designed to be Stellarvue's best visual 4" refractor telescope. It delivers stunning visual performance and photographic performance with cameras using an APS or smaller sized chip is excellent.

Using a 105 mm f-7 apochromatic triplet objective, this telescope provides extremely high contrast and reflector-like color correction. This lens is as well corrected as any 4" apo triplet they have offered.

To further enhance this high level of contrast, extreme broadband multicoatings are used on all six air-to-glass surfaces. This boosts contrast, making the stars appear vivid and the background velvet black. These coatings transmit light above and below the visual spectrum. This is important to minimize reflections seen on ccd images.

The aluminum tube and dew shield is painted in a lustrous stardust white finish. Black anodized aluminum fittings give this telescope a very high-end, classic look.

The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope when being stored. When the telescope is used, this dew shield may be extended to minimize dewing of the objective at night and to serve as a glare shade during the daytime.

Stellarvue SV105

Internal tube treatment:

The main tube interior is painted ultra flat black inside and is properly baffled to eliminate any tube wall reflections. Eleven baffle ridges, painted ultra flat black eliminate reflections in the focuser drawtube.

This treatment is far better than drawtubes that are merely threaded. Reflections in the optical path are further reduced using edge blackened objective elements.

All of these methods are used to preserve the outstanding contrast of this exceptional apochromatic lens.

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