Stellarvue SV115T20 Apo Triplet

The Stellarvue SV115T20 is a stunning telescope with superior contrast and resolution.

This telescope is preferred by visual observers who want to see more detail on the planets and in deep sky objects than a 4” telescope can deliver.

The SV115T20 comes with a 2” Feather Touch reverse Crayford focuser, 4.75” extension, dual mounting rings and a heavy duty, thickly padded nylon travel case.

It delivers visual performance that exceeds that of any 4" refractor while remaining light weight and capable of being carried on a plane.

With reflector-like color correction and excellent contrast, this is the ultimate choice for observers to clearly discern fine planetary details, split close double stars, and see extended regions of nebulosity under dark skies.

The SV115T20 is an outstanding planetary refractor; only the SV160R is better.

The photographic performance of this telescope is very good for imaging with an APS of smaller chip when combined with our SFF7-21 field flattener.

Stellarvue SV115T20 Apo Triplet

The Stellarvue 115 mm Apochromatic triplet objective provides extremely high contrast, a perfect star test and reflector-like color correction. Lenses are hand figured by a master optician to a high Strehl ratio.

This is a no-compromise optic that will perform as well or better than any lens in its size class.

Several extreme broadband coatings are used on all six lens surfaces to enhance contrast, making the stars vivid and the background velvet black.

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