Takahashi C400

The Takahashi C400 16" f/14 Classical Cassegrain is part of Takahashi's Observatory Series telescopes and is designed primarily for research and educational institutions.

This telescope comes standard with a removable f/10.4 focal reducer where a wider field of view is required.


Because the C-400 employs the Classical Cassegrainian configuration with a parabolic primary mirror and hyperbolic secondary, extremely high resolution can be obtained without sacrificing contrast or a flat field.

Secondary obstruction is only 29% with this instrument as compared to 40% or greater with typical Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrains.

As with the FCT-200 and FCT-250 Observatory fluorite refractors, this instrument is designed for rigorous research applications and is constructed with meticulous craftsmanship throughout.

The optical tube assembly weighs in at 165lbs. so a heavy-duty, permanent equatorial mount with high-precision Go-To slewing such as Takahashi's Temma EM-2500 or EM-3500 (illustrated) is recommended for most applications.


  • Optical System Cassegrain
  • Aperture 400mm
  • Effective Focal Length 5600mm
  • Effective Focal Length (with reducer) 4170mm
  • Focal Ratio F14
  • Effective Focal Ratio(with reducer) F10.4
  • Diameter of secondary Ø115mm
  • Length of main tube 1620mm
  • Tube Diameter 430mm
  • Weight of main tube 75kg (165lbs)

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