TAL 150P Telescope

The TAL 150P Telescope is a classic 6-inch (150mm) aperture Newtonian reflector. It has a fast focal ratio of f/5 to permit astrophotography of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters with modest exposure times.

However, performance at high magnifications on the Moon and planets is not compromised thanks to an exquisite parabolic primary mirror of 1/10-wave surface accuracy.

A classic design, it features a seamless aluminum tube with fully adjustable precision mirror cells and a 4-vane spider, a rack-and-pinion focuser with an elegant clamping ring that holds eyepieces firmly without marring their barrels, and a 8x50mm finderscope with 6-point thumbscrew alignment.

This scope is supplied with an equatorial mounting equipped with slow-motion controls on both axes, a rock-steady metal pedestal; two 1.25-inch Plossl eyepieces of 10mm and 25mm focal lengths; a 2x Barlow lens; a set of solar, lunar, and color filters; and an adaptor for 35mm SLR cameras.

The TAL-150PM model also includes a an enclosed worm-and-wheel motor drive in Right ascension for effortless tracking of celestial objects under observation..

TAL 150P Telescope


  • Magnification (with Optics Supplied): x30, x60, x75, x150
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x375
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 150mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 750mm (f/5)
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 7.5mm & 25mm Plossls
  • x2 Barlow Lens
  • 8x50 Finderscope
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror
  • Crayford Focuser (1.25/2")

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