Tasco 48T Telescope

The Tasco 48t Telescope still is quite a popular scope although it is an older model and is often found in kids stores.

It is mainly sold as an educational item, as it is pretty basic and much smaller than scopes meant for adult amateur astronomers.

This model is great for youngsters who are keen to get into studying the planets and stars, particularly if you know little about telescopes yourself, and who knows you may even pick up a really good bargain on eBay or Amazon.

This educational telescope has what is known as an Alt-azimuth Mount. This is a sturdy platform for the telescope, which can be adjusted as required, allowing you to point and observe objects easily.

To increase the magnification of your Tasco 48t Telescope and make observing distant objects even better, you may want to invest in a Barlow Lens.

This lens will double the magnification giving you a wide range of magnifications.

This model is a fine simple scope for a beginner, who can use this as a first telescope and as an introduction into the world of astronomy, and even though it is a basic instrument it will still provide a newcomer with spectacular views of the night sky.

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