Tasco Luminova

The Tasco luminova is an ideal starter telescope, providing crystal clear images of craters, ridges and faults.

It has a high magnification, with fine adjustment, and includes moon filter and barlow lenses. It is wonderful for observing the moon, and it is also possible to see its moons even if ther are small white dots.

Tasco Luminova

The Tasco Luminova Reflector Telescope is straight forward, easy to use and quite suitable for the amateur astronomer.

Reflector telescopes are ideal for the amateur astronomer as they have a long focal length by utilizing mirrors, and are easily transportable.

The focal length of this scope is 900mm, and the magnification is 675x which is of sufficient length and power to penetrate the deep sky objects.

To take full advantage of this scope there are a number of add-ons that are there to enhance your viewing pleasure.

The particular model has three eyepieces, 25 mm, 12.5 mm and 4 mm which allows for observing surface objects and fine detail.

The Barlow lens which will increase the magnification of the eyepiece, a moon filter which will enhance the brightness and contrast when observing the Moon and help to eliminate glare.

This model is also suitable for solar observation as well with the solar projection screen. This is a white screen that is situated directly in line with the eyepiece, removing harmful rays of the sun during solar observation.

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