Telescope for Kids

A telescope for kids is a great opportunity for them to learn about the sky above. They willl soon discover that looking through the lens of a telescope and being able to see the vastness of space close up is the beginning of an amazing adventure.

When you are looking for a telescope for kids, you won’t need anything too fancy to begin with, but you will want to provide them with something that will let them see the stars and planets as close up and personal as possible.

Don’t spend a lot of money on that first scope, there’s plenty of time to let them upgrade later. What you want to focus on is getting them interested in the cosmos in the first place. Once they have seen their first nebulae close up, they are sure to yearn for more.

A good beginning telescope is one that isn’t too “fancy” and is basic and easy to use. You really don’t have to include too many bells and whistles to get a kid interested in astronomy. As soon as they have their first look at the Milky Way or can see the craters in the moon, you’ll have their curiosity aroused and they’ll be hooked for life.

Kids DIY Telescope

You can encourage your kids to try and make their own diy telescope. This can be accomplished easily with products that can be found around the house. Find a cardboard paper tube, some duct tape, a couple of lenses such as those that are in drugstore reading glasses or binoculars, and you can make a basic refracting telescope in a matter of minutes.

Once you find a great scope for kids, you can open up a whole new world to them. That world is one that exists above us. They can be completely fascinated and even enchanted with what can be seen in the night sky.

When you are lying on a blanket under the moon and stars, you can only see so much. But when you introduce kids to telescopes, they will get a whole new appreciation for the night sky.

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