Telescope Tripods

High quality telescope tripods and mounts are an absolute necessity to properly observe and track celestial bodies with a telescope.

They may also be used to support attached high magnification binoculars that are too large to be hand held effctively, cameras or other ancillary equipment. The astronomical tripod is normally fitted with an altazimuth or equatorial mount to assist in tracking celestial bodies.

The size of telescope will have a bearing on the type of tripod used. The larger and heavier the scope the sturdier the tripod will have to be.

Top quality telescopes come with a matching tripod and mount. There are however times when an upgrade to a superior tripod and mount may be required.

Where cameras or goto tracking systems are used the slightest vibration can upset theobservation and the image, so it is important to have the most robust setup that you can.

Telescope Tripods and Mounts

Cheaper scopes will have the most basic of mounts whereas top end mounts and tripods will be of the highest quality, robust, and a hefty price tag to match.

German Equatorial Mount & Tripod

The Max Robotic German Equatorial Mount and Tripod is of the highest quality and is the distillation of Meade's generation of experience serving the astronomical community.

It is a mount system designed by practiced and experienced observers for the most demanding observers and probably the finest production telescope mount on the market.

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