Televue 60

The Televue 60 telescope is arguably the finest fully apochromatic small refractor on the market today.

This particular telescope comes with a high performance 2.4" APO doublet, 360mm f/6 objective, OTA only 10" long and includes 2-stage 1¼" focuser with quick-focus drawtube plus fine-focus helical.

Televue 60

Skillfully machined and anodized all-metal construction with sliding captive dew shield.

The 1¼" focuser accepts in-line Porro prism and 45º erectors, or 60º and 90º diagonals and has a maximum true fieldm of 4.3ºwhich is (perfect for terrestrial and astronomical use.) 2" eyepieces cannot be used with this version.

Adjustable dovetail balancing bar fits all camera tripods, Tele Vue mounts and mounting bracket for SCTs .

The recommended magnification is 11x to 150x. The complete package in standard figuration weighs in at just 3.3lbs and is a good scope for beginners and youngsters. If you're also contemplating astrophotograpy 35mm is ok, but ccd is not recommended.

Overall it’s a super-finder, day/night scope with great telephoto and imaging capability for digital cameras.


  • Type APO (Doublet) Refractor
  • (Elements/Groups: 2/1)
  • Objective (mm) 60
  • Focal Length (mm) 360
  • Focal Ratio (f/#) 6
  • Drawtube/Focuser 1¼-inch, helical
  • Length OTA (inch) 10
  • Length with diagonal (inch) 12 (with 1¼-inch diagonal)
  • Weight OTA/Std. Config (lbs) 3 / 3.3
  • Maximum Visual Field (deg.) 4.3 (with 1¼-inch 32mm Plössl)
  • Maximum Recommended Power (x) 150

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