TeleVue 60is

The TeleVue 60is is optimized for cameras with up to 27mm (APS size) diagonal image size, including Canon Digital SLR cameras and CCD cameras by SBIG, Apogee, Starlight Xpress and more which make it an excellent choice for astrophotography, and suitable for the vast majority of DSLRs and CCD cameras on the market.

This scope is a extremely portable, super high quality tele-photo imaging system that performs like much bigger units. This 60mm apocromatic refractor is literally brimming with features and optimized for popular CCD and SLR imaging systems.

With a focal length of just 360mm (f/6), the Tele Vue-60is delivers a nice wide-field for these smaller chip sizes. Weighing 6 lbs, the 60is is twice the weight of the basic Tele Vue-60.

The extra weight comes from the 6:1 dual-speed, 2", rack and pinion focuser with dual screw clamp ring locking, thread-in field flattener, 6-point suspended mount ring and heavy-duty adjustable balance bar.

In addition, this TeleVue Imaging System features a solid dovetail for mounting to Vixen, Losmandy and various other mounts. This excellent 6-point mounting system is equipped to accommodate large pointing angles to fulfill all your photographic requirements.


  • TV - 60is Type APO (Doublet) Refractor
  • (Elements/Groups: 2/1)
  • Objective (mm) 60
  • Focal Length (mm) 360
  • Focal Ratio (f/#) 6
  • Drawtube/Focuser 2-inch, Focusmate dual-speed rack/pinion
  • Length OTA (inch) 10
  • Length with diagonal (inch) 11.5 (with reducer installed)
  • Weight OTA/Std. Config (lbs) 6 / 6
  • Maximum Visual Field (deg.) 7.3 (with 2-inch 41mm Panoptic)
  • Maximum Recommended Power (x) 150
  • Included Accessories

Included Accessories

  • 2" focuser with dual locking thumbscrews and brass clamp rings in both the focuser body and the drawtube
  • Focusmate™ Fine Focus Accessory with 6:1 fine focus
  • solid dovetail for mounting to Vixen, Losmandy (and other) plates
  • 6-point mounting system to accommodate large pointing angles
  • Tele Vue threaded field flattener lens assembly to maximize field
  • performance for up to APS-size image formats, 27-mm diagonal

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