Televue NP101

The TeleVue NP101 is an excellent scope for the beginner and its snap-to-focus sharpness across the widest true fields is absolutely amazing.

Should your interests range from terrestrial to rich-field or planetary astronomical, or to photography, simply insert your telescope eyepiece or attach your camera and and your ready to go.

Televue NP101

There are few other design types that give you the freedom to simultaneously correct for: coma, field curvature, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration, and spherochromatism.

The stringent assembly and quality control, guarantees uniformly superb results with each and every telescope.

The recommended magnification range is 10x to 250x, and if you prefer to use 2" eyepieces you can.


If you're looking to do astrophotography with a ccd or digital camera then you will not be disappointed, although if you intend to use high magnification then you will need the Gibralter Mount for the best results.

If you require a well balanced motor driven mount that has computer control capability, then you will find that the Losmandy GM8 is the ideal companion.

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