Televue Piggy Cam

The Televue Piggy Cam is a handy accessory and provides a solid platform for astrophotography enthusiasts. The base plate contains a captive lock screw riding in a slot.

The 3/8" thick tilting base plate can be locked at virtually any angle allowing you the most desirable photo composition.

The captive ¼"-20 lock screw rides in a slot making it easy to mount any 35mm camera. Though designed for Tele Vue telescopes, Piggy-cam's U-shaped mounting bracket is easily adaptable to most any scope.

This feature gives Piggy-Cam great positioning flexibility with a wide range of cameras. Piggy-Cam’s base plate tilts in any orientation.

To further increase solidity we left the base plate bare, ensuring a positive lock between camera and telescope.

Televue Piggy Cam

Piggy-back astrophotography is easy and extremely rewarding. You use your telescope as a guiding instrument (we suggest a guiding eyepiece and a Barlow lens if your camera lens is longer than 55mm focal length). A motor driven equatorial mount is ideally suited for both prime focus and piggyback astrophotography.

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