TeleVue TV102 Telescope

The TeleVue TV102 Telescope is superb mechanical craftsmanship wrapped around near optical perfection.

The objective lens of the TV102 is of an SD air spaced doublet design where two lenses (crown and flint) are matched to work as one; the positive element is of a fluorocrown substitute with special dispersion glass.

The objective's four air to glass surfaces multi-layer anti-reflection coatings improve overall light transmission across the visual wavelengths and from 400nm to well beyond 700nm.

Overall the complete system provides about 202 times the light gathering power of the unaided human eye. The interior wall of the scope itself is covered with flat-black textured material to inhibit internal reflections.

TeleVue TV102 Telescope

The scope sits well on TeleVue's Gibraltar Mount, but for a stable motor driven mount that has computer control capability, the Losmandy GM8 is the perfect partner.

The TV-102 is usually in stock as the Ivory Tube with 2" focusser, 2" Everbrite star diagonal, 2" to 1¼" adaptor, ring mount and a 20mm Plossl.

It comes in a hard shell carry case. It is also available as an OTA only by special order with Venturescope. An optional Focal Length Reducer/Field Flattener designed for the TV 102 will provide an effective focal length of about 704mm at f6.9.

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