A TeleXtender is a secondary lens mounted in between a camera and photographic lens, and is used to increase the magnification of the image seen or recorded on a camera.

This is in contrast to a Barlow lens which is a relatively simple diverging lens and most commonly increases magnification by 2x.

TeleXtenders tend to use more complex optics to provide superior quality images and are more desirable for higher powers.

With certain refractors and reflectors, the scope-specific teleXtender lens attaches to the telescope focuser’s drawtube. The camera is connected to the lens by means of an optional T-ring.

TeleXtenders are available for many popular scopes including various models of Meade, Celestron, Takahashi and Vixen. An optional T-ring is used in all cases to connect a camera body to the tele-xtender.

Meade 5000 Series


The new Series 5000 TeleXtenders are amongst the finest power multipliers on the market. They have an advanced 4 element design that delivers a flatter field-of-view with sharper edges than even the best 3 element apochromatic Barlows.

They feature fully multi-coated lenses with no color fringing. Gain maximum benefits from your 2" eyepieces with the new Series 5000 2x 2" TeleXtender (with 1.25" adapter). The 5x TeleXtender is a perfect match for short focal length refractors, particularly for viewing or imaging planets in minute detail.

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