The Planet Is Groaning

by Alec Townsend

There is plenty of debate and much confusion over 'Global Warming', very often referred to as 'Climate Change', with opposing views from the population at large and even among scientists.

Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over a period of time that can range from decades to millions of years.

It may be a change in the average weather conditions or a change in the distribution of weather events with respect to an average, for instance, greater or fewer extreme weather events. Climate change may be limited to a specific region, or may occur across the whole Earth.

So what is the real truth? There is no doubt that we are seeing plenty of indication that weather patterns are changing. Large areas of the World have seen much colder weather than normal while other areas that are normally cold seem to be getting warmer.

Personally I would rather go with the term 'Climate Change'. The question remains, is this due to man or is it part of a larger cycle that the Earth goes through?

There is plenty of debate on a polar shift, and it is a possibility that this may be one of the reasons for changing weather patterns.

There is no question that magnetic north is moving and doing so at an accelerated level. Even Tampa airport has been affected. In early January 2011 they had to close the major runway to allow for the signage to be changed and numeric designators at each end of the runway to be repainted.

This same polar shift could be an explanation for the increase in floods and seismic activity. Even if man is not directly responsible it certainly is no bad thing for all of us to be cautious on how we use and consume the World's limited resources.

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