The Sky Is Your Laboratory

by Terry Marsh

The vast majority of topics covered in 'The Sky Is Your Laboratory' are probably beyond those that an occasional amateur astronomer may want to engage in.

However, it does open up a completely new type of amateur astronomy, covering real research projects where you make observations that are helpful to experienced astronomers.

Amateur astronomers can acquire fresh information and facts or even make new discoveries, employing skills which are widely used amongst seasoned stargazers.

The instruction manual takes you through the projects step by step,from finding out why each and every project area is significant, to the equipment and methods that are required, and how you can evaluate your final results.

After reading a number of books along a similar vein, I think this one compares extremely favorably. There are an abundance of "advanced observing guides", and plenty of "textbooks",but this one fits right in the middle.

This The Sky is Your Laboratory has been written in a friendly,helpful and encouraging way. You will find several equations used on a few projects but nothing to cause a problem.

Virtually any amateur astronomer who has ever desired to be a "real astronomer" will unquestionably find this book one worth having in the library.

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