Skywatcher Tube Rings

These quality cast-aluminum tube rings are custom made for use with all Sky-Watcher equatorial mounts and the AZ3 mount.

The hinge opens to allow easy installation of the optical tube and the locks can be loosened during use to allow tube Rotation and balancing.

Close the hinges around the telescope and fasten with the thumb nuts then attach the tube rings to the mount via the dovetail plate with the bolts supplied, a 10mm wrench is provided for this purpose.

In order for astrophotography lovers to capture the spectacular views of the sky, these tube rings feature a standard tripod adapter (¼"-20) on one of the rings, to provide easy piggyback camera attachment.

Sizes available: 76mm, 90mm, 100mm, 140mm, 182mm

Please note:

Skywatcher Tube RingsI

One point to bear in mind is to ensure you slacken the screws sufficiently before attempting to move the tube, as there have been one or two known cases where the tube has been scratched significantly. This has been due either to the screws not being loosened enough or worn or faulty felt underneath.

If you have had your scope for a while it's possible the felt needs to be replaced to prevent any damage. You should be able to purchase this from any decent hobby store.

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