Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel

The Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel has a large number of new features added to an already useful imaging accessory.

It is interesting in that it doesn't need a separate power supply when used with USB control The high performance DC gearmotor runs entirely from the USB supply and consumes less than 100mA.

It's also capable of operation from a serial input, or from a switched hand controller, both of which power the wheel from a small dry battery. The wheel is light and slim, with an easy change system of thumbscrews to swap filter disks without tools.

Many different threaded adaptors are available. T thread, SCT thread and Takahashi 72mm thread currently. The adaptors can be swapped by using a small screwdriver to release three stainless screws and lifting off the adaptor flange.

Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel

Each flange may be rotated to any angle before locking down, so that you can orient the wheel and camera into the optimum position.

The wheel is quiet in operation, and the Hall-Effect 3 bit encoded positioning gives absolute filter locations (not serially sequential) so you can easily swap between any filters without accidentally losing the wheel position.

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